How to Find a Digital Workout Routine That is Right for You

Your life is busy, your budget is tight and finding time to establish a workout routine can be difficult. But you also want to look as amazing as celebs with expensive personal trainers. Lucky for you, in today’s digital world you can exercise at home, at the gym, outside or on the road using digital fitness programs that motivate you and challenge you to reach your health goals. If you own a smartphone, your workout routine is literally in the palm of your hand.

But let’s face it, you want exercise to be exciting – something you look forward to, not something you dread. Good news – there is more to fitness than boring free weights and treadmills. These flexible, accessible and affordable online fitness programs allow you to create a custom workout routine that is fun, gets you to your goals and provides you with an online support community to keep you motivated.

Whether you’d classify yourself as beginner, intermediate or advanced when it comes to fitness, these online workout routines have something for everyone and allow you to get expert training without breaking the bank.

6 digital workout routines


Sisters and fitness – adorable. What’s not to love? Lauren and Kelly are sisters, best friends, former track and field athletes and certified fitness trainers. Their downloadable programs include high intensity interval training strength and cardio workouts that are 34 minute or less. The easy-to-follow resistance training and treadmill workouts help you get maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Why We Love It: Each PDF guide is an 8-week program that can be downloaded and saved onto your smartphone – making it available for you to use as often as (and for as long as) you want.

Cost: $47-$97 one-time payment (price varies by guide)

Kayla Itsines’s BBG

Hello bikini body. Kayla is an Australian-based personal trainer known for her fitness guides that get you into “bikini body” shape. Her bikini body guide (BBG) e-book includes 28-minute resistance training workouts (supplemented with your choice of low-intensity steady state workouts) that can easily be done at the gym or at home to help you get fitter, stronger and more confident in your bikini.

Why We Love It: The PDF e-book is a 12-week program that can be downloaded and saved on to your smartphone – making it available for you to use as often as (and for as long as) you want.

Cost: $49.25 one-time payment

Tone It Up

The Tone It Up ladies Karena and Katrina have created an online community that inspires women to be fit, healthy and happy. They provide free weekly workouts on their website with videos and pictures of each training move. Via the Tone It Up app, you can also access short daily workouts for free, or more robust on demand workout videos and daily live classes with the paid premium version.

Why We Love It: Not sure online fitness programs are for you? Karena and Katrina’s free workouts on their website and app allow you to try before you buy.

Cost: Free (no cost to visit website or download app and access daily toning moves); $12.99/month (paid premium version) for on demand workout videos and live classes

Fit Radio

Fit Radio is a music-streaming app, but it’s also so much more. The app provides you with new playlists and songs every time you workout and tailors your music experience with suggestions based on your listening preferences. The premium version of the app also offers coach-led cardio workouts (treadmill, elliptical, bike, stair climber, yoga and outdoor walk/jog and run) to give your time at the gym some expert structure.

Why We Love It: With new upbeat DJ mixes added daily, you’ll never have to make a workout playlist again. You can use this app just for the music to power you through a planned workout or use the coach function for a personal trainer to guide you through a programed workout integrated into the music.

Cost: Free (no cost to download app and hear a few limited playlists with ads); $17.99/quarter or $59.99/year (paid premium version) for ad-free custom listening and cardio coach workouts


Stop staring at your screen during your workout and instead plug your headphones into this audio-based fitness app that puts personal training instruction along with inspirational music right in your ear. Aaptiv has thousands of workouts and programs for any level athlete including cycling, elliptical, treadmill, stair climber, outdoor running, yoga, and strength training. Simply choose a workout based on your duration, trainer, music and level preferences.

Why We Love It: Aaptiv offers a convenient, personalized and fun approach to exercise. You can filter and select a custom workout based on how much time you have, type of activity and music preference. Love rap and only have 26 minutes for an arms workout? Or looking for a 40-minute outdoor run to country music so you can get out and enjoy the warm sunny weather? Aaptiv’s got you covered.

Cost: $9.99/month

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  • I’ve been searching for ways on how to be fit and have that bikini body. Interestingly, tone it up is an online community that inspires women to be fit. You’ve mentioned great digital workout routines, but I am hoping to find a program that has both workout videos and meal plans.